Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ms. R, Where Are You?

Howdy dooody!  Long time no write.  Sorry to disappoint, but really, I have a life to live here folks and it has been busy.  A lot has happened in the Fury household the last couple of months: loss of life, new life, sickness (multiple times and simultaneously), and many yard projects. Here's a picture of the cutest happening this spring, our new nephew Liam:

We haven't met him yet because he lives in Seattle, WA, but we're looking forward to making a trip soon to meet the little guy.  He makes my uterus ache a little... 

The SF and I have been busy with random projects around the house.  We just replanted part of the garden to put in a fire pit.  Stay tuned, bonfires and parties pending.

Training is going so-so.  Motivation is not so much part of the problem as is staying well enough to train.  I tried out a new pool just over a week ago and it proved to be a big mistake.  I got a nasty sinus infection and I'm blaming it all on the murky water at the LTF in Fridley.  Maybe my dirty nose is really to blame, but I prefer to point my finger at Life Time Fitness.  I just recovered from that for the most part when I woke up with violent vomiting on Sunday morning.  It was a doozy of a week, and one that I prefer to never re-live.  I got back in the pool last night for my first workout in 8 days.  I was still a little weak from no eating the day prior, but I made it through 1700 yds before calling it a day. 

In other news, I'm going to try the marathon thing again.  Oh, how did TCM go, you ask?  So well I didn't feel it was necessary to write about it.  Actually, it was awful, and I swore I would never do it again.  Well, until about two weeks later when I realized that I still really want to BQ. No, really want to BQ.  So, a couple friends and I are going up nort to run Whistlestop Marathon in October.  I've heard great things so I hope it lives up to all the hype.  If nothing else, there will be beautiful fall colors to distract me.

The next couple of weeks are wedding filled extravaganzas.  We have a wedding this weekend, I have a wedding shower next Tuesday and then another wedding Memorial Day weekend.  It's going to be fun and exhausting!  Well, until next time, Ms. R out.