Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Postpartum

I have to acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am.  I have a healthy baby boy, a wonderfully supportive husband, a great job, and place to call home.  Staying home with our little guy these past seven weeks has been nothing short of amazing, and I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to be home with him.  I never thought being a mother would be so fulfilling, but it really is.  Baby C just started interacting with Mr. Fury and I, and it has been such a trip to watch him track lights, study our faces, "talk", and "play" with his toys.  It has been an amazing experience to watch him learn and grow...and he is practically growing before our very eyes.  I have already had to pack up most of his newborn sized clothing which is crazy considering he only weighed 5lbs 14oz at birth.

Stay-at-home motherhood the past seven weeks has been so wonderful, but I definitely have needed to work in breaks (mentally and physically) for myself.  Thankfully, that's where my wonderfully supportive husband, Mr. Fury, has stepped in and either forced me to take a break or has been more than happy to let me escape for a run.  We have been introducing one bottle feeding to the little bugger this week so I have been able to escape and have some time to myself with a little less consideration to feeding times.

Getting out for a run has never felt so great, and that's not because I'm running fast or anything like that.  I just don't take my time out on the road for granted like I did before.  I know that I have to make every workout count now because it means time spent away from C-man and Mr. Fury, and free time isn't as abundant as it once was.  It's amazing how quickly life is put in perspective as soon as baby is born.  Given all the logistics that Mr. Fury and I have to work out to get free time to work out or spend time with our friends, I wouldn't change a thing.  All the joy, laughs, and love are worth all the extra planning to fit in the activities we once participated with ease.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Whole New Life

Life has drastically changed since the last time I posted, and it has definitely been for the better. Mr. Fury and I welcomed a wonderful little bundle of love into our lives and became a team of 3. I now present you with our newest love, Cade, born 4/7/12 weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 14oz. Life hasn't been the same since he made his entrance into the world, and it has been amazingly wonderful.