Sunday, July 12, 2009


Lifetime Fitness Tri was awesome yesterday! Everything went right although it didn't always feel like it. Ok, I'll revise that statement because the swim went OK; Everything went mostly right. My goggles that I love and adore decided to be leaky jerks so I had to stop and empty them about 5 times. Other than that, everything went really well and I beat my goal time of 2:45! Here are my results:

Rachel Holzemer

International Course

Bib #: 741
Age: 27
Gender: F
City, State: St. Paul, MN
Nation: USA
Race Category: International Age Group - Women 25 to 29

Triathlon Results - International Course

Finish Time: 2:42:47.0
Category Place: 10 out of 65 Women 25 to 29 finishers
Overall Place: 325 out of 1040 International Course finishers
Gender Overall Plc: 50 out of 296 Female finishers

Triathlon Splits
Swim 1.5K

Time: 28:11.6
Pace: 1:52 /100m
Category Place: 9
Overall Place: 226
Gender Overall Plc: 43

Transition #1

Time: 2:16.4
Category Place: 3
Overall Place: 67
Gender Overall Plc: 15

Bike 40K

Time: 1:19:59.5
Pace: 19.1MPH
Category Place: 12
Overall Place: 548
Gender Overall Plc: 79

Transition #2

Time: 1:23.1
Category Place: 4
Overall Place: 60
Gender Overall Plc: 13

Run 10K

Time: 50:56.3
Pace: 8:13/M
Category Place: 12
Overall Place: 394
Gender Overall Plc: 67

I was amazed at my run pace. I felt like I was going so slow and I figured that I was running around 9-9:30s. I was way off mark! Woohooo! My previous best time was 2:55:xx so it felt great to crush that time. I'll probably write more later, but I need to sleep and RICE my right foot. It's not too happy with me this morning. I think there was a little too much dancing at the victory party last night with the team...